About Us

Hello, My name is Regina Ackley.
I am the owner of this website.
I am a graphic designer and online marketer.
You can email me @ ladybossentrepreneur@yahoo.com with any questions.
I have worked at home for over 8 years now and love every minute of it.
Archie Ackley is my husband and the "Web Designer" of this site.
Archie has worked as a Auto Parts Manager for over 24 years.
We live in a small town in Arkansas.
We are happily married and best friend's.
I have one son, two step sons, a daughter in law and a pomeranian puppy named Max.
I am on a mission to help work at home woman and men in there business.
You will find a lot of things here on my site I enjoy making like clip art, templates for face book/instagram, office printables, training videos on how to do things and lot's more.